A thoughtless few are causing pain for us all

Over the last few years the sleeping Island of Grand Cayman has being waking up from a nightmare, sadly it has awoken to the realization that the nightmare is in fact real.

The island has seen a steady increase in the number, and severity, of crimes committed. Once considered paradise, locals and visitors were accustomed to a placid lifestyle. They’re now forced to be living in fear for their lives and property.

As a Jamaican residing here, I too am frightened by the increase in criminal activities here and am very concerned about the role played by Jamaicans in these crimes.

Words cannot explain how embarrassed I am to read the newspaper or watch the local news and see that Jamaicans are named as perpetrators of these crimes.

The actions of a few despicable individuals are causing great pains for all of us who share this space. I’m not for one minute insinuating that Jamaicans commit all the crimes here. Neither am I saying that all Jamaicans residing here are criminals. I am trying to use this medium to appeal to the selfish few that are resolved to “earning” their bread by illicit means, to desist from those activities.

By way of their nefarious behaviors, they’re not only tarnishing the name of Jamaica, but are destroying international relation between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. They’re making it difficult for their compatriots working here, and they’re blighting the future of prospective Jamaicans who would love to work in the Cayman Islands.

Jamaica already wears an ugly hat as it relates to crime and violence. Why should a few thoughtless individuals try to make it worse by giving the impression that all Jamaicans are criminals, or wherever Jamaicans go they misbehave?

While there is no question that the vast majority of Jamaicans residing here are decent individuals, this handful of undesirables are set on making history — but for all the wrong reasons. In January 2017, one such criminal had the distinction of becoming the first person to be fatally shot by the Royal Cayman Islands Police. That is one credit we can do without.

Law-abiding Jamaicans have already suffered enough at the hands of our criminal compatriots — we’ve seen the implementation of a visa policy as a prerequisite for entry. Still, these despicable individuals have found their way through.

To enter another country is a privilege, therefore the ones who are afforded such a privilege must act in a dignified and responsible manner, and with consideration for themselves and their fellow men. Let us take the opportunity we’re given and make better ourselves, let’s continue working to build this island rather than working to tear it down.

Its time we take a stand, enough is enough.

K. Tafari


  1. I applaud K. Tafari for condemning the behavior of Jamaicans in someone’s else’s Country , we all should be like Tafari even if you are Caymanian and know that one of us is destroying the Islands .

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