Want stolen items back? RCIPS may have them

If you have been the victim of a burglary lately, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service may have some of your stolen property.

The police service is asking burglary or theft victims to go to the Amerigo building in Elizabethan Square in downtown George Town on Sunday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to review items seized during recent arrests.

Police said Thursday that there are about 10 watches, two 32-inch TVs, two speakers, a turntable, a number of electronic tablets and a power tool. There are also four iPhones or Android phones.

Police said most of the items were recovered during a search of a George Town property where a man had secreted the stolen goods in the ceiling of his home. That case is now before the courts. Individuals who come to view the stolen items should bring some proof of ownership. This can include a receipt, certificate of ownership, the serial number of the item or – in the case of electronic devices – a password used to unlock the device.

Attendees are warned that these items will not be returned to them on Sunday because the process for returning stolen goods requires a few additional steps, but claiming the items will begin that process.

RCIPS officer Jodi-Ann Powery explained: “After proof of ownership is given, the properties have to be released from our exhibit holders system and each item signed for individually. This has to be done on a business day. It also has to be recorded in the report that the owner was handed these items.

“The report of the stolen property that they made has to be found and investigation complete as well (this can be done after their property is returned).”

Police warned Bodden Town residents during a public meeting Wednesday that vehicle stripping, as well as auto thefts, have become a significant problem on Grand Cayman in recent months.

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