The top four teams of the Cayman Islands Flag Football Men’s League met in Saturday’s games at Ed Bush field.

Former champions, the Kensington Hellcats and the Island Heritage Predators, started things off. The Hellcats took early command of the game with a touchdown by Abdul Patterson, followed by an extra point kick by Nick Bush. The Predators retaliated quickly with a touchdown by Baron Solomon and later, key tackles by Oliver Parker. Nigel Solomon intercepted to get the ball back for the Hellcats, and Tariq Gardener of the Predators stayed at the goal line to deflect any further touchdown attempts before the second quarter ended.

In the second half, the Predators turned over the ball to the Hellcats, who made major gains with catches by Will Peguero and Perry Levy. However, neither team allowed any more points to be scored throughout the remainder of the game. The Hellcats won, 7-6.

Maples and the Burger King Panthers met next. Maples started the game on offense and despite gains by Kwei General, the Panthers’ Chris Bennett and Brendon Malice – who intercepted – kept Maples from scoring. Jermaine Sharpe of the Panthers also sacked the Maples quarterback. Once in possession of the ball, the Panthers’ Jordan Cacho ran the ball, teammates Chris Bennett and Malice took turns getting the ball downfield and Ryan Puller scored the first touchdown of the day, followed by an extra point by Neal Appleby.

Maples tried to re-energize with gains by Fabio Gall and Deandre Simpson, but Cacho of the Panthers stole the ball for a touchdown, and Appleby got the extra point to put the game at 14-0. Timothy Coulson of Maples and Sharpe of Panthers both completed sacks against their opposing quarterbacks, but Andrew Frederick and Nick Roberts of the Panthers got interceptions and gave Panthers control of the ball. The Panthers won, 14-0.

The final games of the regular season are on Saturday at Ed Bush field.

Deandre Simpson runs for Maples.

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