When you first entered the Karoo breezeway, you might have thought you’d gone back in time. Peace-sign making hippies, bearing a vague resemblance to employees you know from Intertrust, declared love for all while handing you a “Hippie Juice.”

A few steps further you were greeted by the DMS French mimes complete with face paint and red berets, breaking their code of silence by welcoming you and asking if you would like a delicious tasting “French kiss”!

“Game of Thrones” characters, Greek gods and goddesses, Super Mario brothers, sombrero-wearing margarita makers – what was going on? As you wandered, confused, to the end of the cordoned off area that took up all of the breezeway and extended onto the front Crescent, you found salvation at a sign declaring Prohibition Ends Here as a flapper handed you a cocktail with a wink and a smile.

100 Women in Finance hosted their second annual Best in Glass Mixology Competition last Thursday night and what a night it was! The sold-out event boasted 16 different corporate teams and over 200 cocktail-sipping attendees. Net proceeds went to support the Wellness Programme run by the Breast Cancer Foundation. Competition was fierce, and clearly huge amounts of thought and preparation had gone into the themed drinks, bar decorations and outfits.

A panel of judges including Vicki Wheaton, Lynne Firth, Paul Croucher, Steve Hughes and Steve Shore took their duties seriously and managed to sample all 16 cocktails and still remain standing at the end of the evening. First place for Best in Glass went to the Marriott’s Anchor & Den, and CML Recruitment and Rum Point tied for second place.

Attendees voted for best-decorated bar with Intertrust capturing first place for the second year running and Walkers and Deloitte taking second and third, respectively. “It’s been a great event,” said Leanne Golding, co-chair of the philanthropy committee of the Cayman location of 100 Women in Finance. “We’re so thankful to all the participants for helping us raise funds and awareness for the Breast Cancer Foundation.”

Nadia Hardie, the other co-chair, added, “We’re so grateful to be part of such an amazing community. We wouldn’t have been able to throw such a great fundraiser and support our 2017 beneficiary without the backing of Better Angle Photography, Camana Bay, Damon Hardie Design, Jacques Scott, KARoo, and the Marriott Beach Resort, who kindly provided the main raffle prize.”

CML Recruitment’s theme was a unique favorite with its CaymanKind booth bringing that warm, fuzzy feeling to the proceedings … or perhaps that was thanks to its drink, which was made from all local ingredients: mango puree, Saucha Kombucha and locally made rum.

Word is out that many teams are already planning their themes for next year.

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