Armed police were called to John Gray High School to help deal with a playground fight involving four students, the school’s principal has confirmed.

Jon Clark, head of the high school, said police had been called to the scene because of the number of students involved, the large crowd that had gathered, and a report that a knife may have been involved.

One student suffered a minor injury to his head and three other students were arrested after the incident.

It is understood that no one has been charged with any offense; however, the school suspended for a brief period some of the students involved.

The report that a knife was involved was not substantiated.

Mr. Clark said the incident, on Sept. 28, had started as a fight between two boys and escalated from there.

He said the boys and their parents had been through a mediation session and he believes the issues have been resolved.

In a separate incident the following Monday, Oct. 2, three former students climbed the fence at the school, apparently looking for one of the boys involved in Friday’s incident.

One student was struck by one of the intruders before they fled the school campus, according to Mr. Clark.

He said incidents like this were now rare at the school and insisted problems with student behavior were improving.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service confirmed in a statement that it had sent an armed unit to the scene on Sept. 28 and that three juveniles were arrested.


  1. For such a small island this is not acceptable. The parents have to be brought in and read the riot act. They have to discipline their children better than this. As a tourist who spends 4-5 months on the island it embarrasses me that something like this happens in a high school. What is going to happen to these boys when they are considered men and are held responsible for their actions.

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