Update: Tuesday at 9:30 a.m.

A broad, low-pressure weather system in the western Caribbean Sea is making a slow trajectory northward, bringing with it widespread cloudiness and showers.

Mapping by the U.S. National Hurricane Center shows the system possibly affecting the Cayman Islands within coming days.

The disturbance, currently located off the northeastern coast of Nicaragua, has a 50 percent chance of cyclone formation within five days and a 10 percent chance within 48 hours.

Limited development is forecast for the next day or two, as the system sits close to land. After the system moves further north, however, environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for storm development.

Original story:

A broad area of low pressure showed signs of formation in the Western Caribbean, south of the Cayman Islands, the National Hurricane Center reported Monday afternoon.

At a 40 percent probability, there was a medium chance of cyclone formation over the next five days. The system was expected to develop slowly as it moved northwestward to northward.

Forecast mapping by the National Hurricane Center Monday showed the Cayman Islands in the path of the possible disturbance.


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