Cayman Riding School hosts Halloween jumping show as season opener

Juliette Forrester, riding Apollo, competed for the first time at 0.9m at Cayman Riding School.

The clouds and downpour of showers throughout the afternoon did not dampen the excitement on Saturday when Cayman Riding School held the first jumping show of the new competition season.

As part of an affiliation with the British Pony Club and the ongoing training program for those who want to compete, 27 competitors took part negotiating jump courses ranging from 0.5m to 0.9m.

“It is so encouraging to see our young riders improving,” said Tracey Surrey, owner and riding instructor at Cayman Riding School. “Many of our riders were competing for the first time, with the more experienced riders competing over higher jumps than they had competed over before.

“When training, the riders will jump much higher jumps. This helps build confidence and balance of the horse and rider, which in turn keeps things safe and fun – which is our main priority at Cayman Riding School.”

The after school riding program at Cayman Riding School is increasingly popular, offering riding classes for children and adults of all levels.

Competing is definitely not the main focus at CRS. Those riders who did not want to compete came along to support and cheer on the other riders, making it a great day out for all involved.

Pouring rain did not stop Sarah Godwin and Pumpkin.

With a slight twist to the day, competitors (and quite a few spectators) were encouraged to participate in Fancy Dress.

There are several shows scheduled at Cayman Riding School, the next being the Christmas Show. This is a huge event on the calendar. With so many riders booked to participate this year, the show will now take place over two days. The public is welcome to come out to the show and watch.

Jovi Tatarkin competed for the very first time on Diamond.

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