The Community Services Department of the Adventist Church is preparing a shipment of clothing, bed and bath linens, and non-perishable goods to help post-hurricane recovery efforts in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The church is extending a deadline for donations to Tuesday, Nov. 28, according to the church’s Community Services Assistant Director Angela Hall.

The items will be shipped by container to Turks and Caicos. Anyone interested in donating items can bring them to Ms. Hall at Cayman Academy.

In addition, funds can be deposited at the Royal Bank of Canada to Adventist Disaster and Relief Agency account number 500-6234, or dropped off at the Conference Office, 209 Walkers Road.

“While the Turks and Caicos’ recovery is progressing well, the population still has pressing needs,” said president of the Adventist Conference, Shion O’Connor.

“We have been fortunate here in Cayman, but we are only too well aware of the human suffering that results from the impacts of major hurricanes that many times extend into months and even years following the strike.”

The distribution of the goods and financial contributions will be administered by the Adventist Disaster and Relief Agency in Turks and Caicos.