The Dart group failed to demonstrate sufficient reason to justify extending the underpass it is building on West Bay Road, the Central Planning Authority wrote in a single-line explanation of its decision to reject the application.

The CPA turned down the request from Dart to add another 195 feet to the 406-foot underpass at its Nov. 21 meeting. The written reasons for that decision were released last week.

The deadline for Dart to appeal that decision has now passed and no appeal has been filed.

It is still open to the developer to resubmit a modified application at a later date.

The main sticking point for the planning authority appears to have been the lack of solid information about what Dart plans to build on top of the road and why that would necessitate such a wide underpass.

The developer has already built one overpass, bridging the Esterley Tibbetts Highway and is midway through construction on the West Bay Road tunnel. The two projects will essentially extend Camana Bay over both roads, connecting the town center to Seven Mile Beach.

Dart previously announced outline plans that included a hotel on the beach side but did not include details of its plans with the tunnel application and told board members during the meeting it was still developing its master plan for the area.

The National Roads Authority argues in its submission to the CPA that there was no need for the extension.

Ultimately the CPA concluded, “The applicant failed to demonstrate sufficient reason for extending the underpass.”

The issue of beach access, another point raised by objectors, does not appear to have factored into the decision.

In fact, a separate application from Dart to move a beach access, blocked by the tunnel, was approved by the CPA at its Dec. 6 meeting.

The developer successfully applied to consolidate two mandatory six-feet wide beach access paths along its property into a single 12-foot access path. The planning authority ruled that the path, which borders the Royal Palms, must go directly from the road to the sea and remain unobstructed.

Dart said in a statement, “Dart Real Estate has received confirmation the Central Planning Authority approved the relocation of two 6-foot rights of way that exist on the Royal Palms and Coral Caymanian properties. The consolidated 12-foot right of way will be on the southern boundary of the Royal Palms property, providing direct access for all from West Bay Road to Seven Mile Beach.”


  1. The deadline for Dart has passed to reappeal , but can resubmit his plans at later date . CPA didn’t say what this deadline was or conequence of . How can CPA disaprove / demolish something that the Government / LA voted on and approved ?? How can CPA approve Dart decision to take 2 6ft public access and move them and join them together to make one 12ft public access ? Is all this fancy work by CPA , LEGAL ? Then why are matters like this one handled by CPA and behind closed doors ?

    I have to think that the public really should know about all this fancy work by CPA and they will .

    • Here we go again when someone does something wrong into the Island all we do is complain and never try to fix it .
      Here we have a issue that CPA has done something which I think might be Illegal , by giving Dart permission to move two public beach access and consolidating the two into one . We have to remember that these public beach access were put in place for public access to the beaches and water for the benefits of Cayman Islands People by our Forefathers.

      Do we see anything wrong with that permission that CPA has given Dart ? What will stop Dart from closing that one beach access in the future ? Not anything that CPA has said or done will . Remember that CPA CANNOT WRITE LAWS .

      The funniest thing about this topic is that people have agreed that all the Politicians should get involved , but disagreed that the public should call CPA about their behavior . See my last two comments spells it out .

    • I have to think that this is pathetic and disgusting that 24 people who acknowledged that they read the article by the thumbs buttons . But can’t and wouldn’t comment on this outrageous behavior of CPA .

      • › The voting buttons don’t work properly. It might work for you and someone else and you might wonder what she is talking about when I say they don’t always work for me. But it is a fact, that they don’t always work.
        ›To leave a comment you need to register. It is easier to post anonymously.
        ›Not everyone can express their thoughts clearly and coherently (including me). For me, writing a comment is an opportunity to improve my writing skills, since English is not my native language. Disagreeing politely and diplomatically is an art that I’d like to master.
        › Passing a judgement is not a constructive way of communications.
        ›Being passionate about something is better than being passive. But what is valid for you is not necessarily valid for another.
        When we take things personally, only we suffer.

  2. Now I am really baffled to see that people will sit down quietly and let things like beach access be taken away from them and not say a word about it . But can spend their time and energy on matters that doesn’t matter to them or their everyday life like worrying about how much this condo was sold for or why it didn’t sell .

    This reminds me of years gone by of listening to the elder Caymanian Ladies sitting down and gossiping about what has happened but wasn’t talking about any solutions to the problem.
    It’s hard for me to wrap my head around this today 2017 .

  3. Why are everyone so scared to voice their personal opinion on certain issues ? Are they scard of the ones who are supposed to be protecting us ? If so bad state to be in worse than living in Cuba .

  4. Ron some of are not worried about taking on the establishment but it is very frustrating when clear breaches of the law are reported to the various Government departments nothing is ever done. They have an obligation to respond but seldom do. That is largely due to nepotism that is alive and well.

  5. Chris I agree that nepotism is live and well . I believe that the reason why it’s a live and well is because everyone has allowed it to be . I think that if people stood up and spoke out we wouldn’t have these kind of situations .
    The actions of CPA is unacceptable and definitely needs to be corrected before it goes any further because what they did for Dart they would have to do for every other developer , then very shortly there wouldn’t be any public beach access left .

  6. Ron

    For years the local people have not stood up for their rights against the establishment. Note all the anonymous names on CNS. No one wants to be countered. That will never change and people have only themselves to blame. Whilst I agree with many of your comments your comments will not change anything. People here are just too lethargic and want others to do all the work. All very sad.

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