Camana Bay roundabout, new Esterley Tibbetts Highway lanes to open

The National Roads Authority will officially open the Camana Bay South Roundabout and the northbound lanes of the new Esterley Tibbetts Highway on Thursday.

The road opening signifies the completion of another phase of road improvements included in the NRA agreement between the Cayman Islands government and Dart Real Estate.

All traffic bound for West Bay will shift ahead of the Camana Bay South roundabout, moving around it and onto the new northbound lands to the three-lane Camana Bay Town Centre roundabout.

Drivers traveling to George Town will use both southbound lanes between the Camana Bay South and Camana Bay Town Centre roundabouts. Motorists will merge after exiting the Camana Bay South roundabout to allow traffic travelling in both directions to share the road to the Butterfield roundabout.

The main entrance to the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands will also reopen tomorrow. The remodeled entryway now includes sidewalks that pass through the Gallery’s front garden.


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