Now in its 10th year and with more than 50 riders participating, the cool Christmas breeze offered perfect riding conditions for the Christmas Horse Show held at Cayman Riding School in Savannah last weekend.

“Our Christmas Horse Show is very special and with so many competitors in each class we decided this year to hold the show over two days,” said Tracey Surrey, owner and riding instructor at Cayman Riding School.

Saturday started with the traditional fancy dress class followed by the “handy pony” classes, where children have to negotiate an obstacle course on their pony, demonstrating and putting into practice all they have learned during their riding lessons.

The final class on Saturday was a jumping competition referred to as “Chase Me Charlie,” in which riders had to jump a single fence that increased in height after every successful attempt. “It is very exciting to watch and really tests the nerves of the rider,” said Ms. Surrey. The class was won this year by Amber McMillan riding Joe.

Sunday morning started early with jumping classes, and as the day progressed, so did the height of the jumps.

The final event of the day was a jumping class with a new format, called an “Accumulator” class. In this event, the jumps range in height from 0.7 meter to 1.2 meters. Each jump is allocated points that are increased as the height of each jump increases. The rider decides what jumps they want to attempt and in what order with the aim of “accumulating” as many points as possible in 65 seconds.

“It was so much fun,” said Kayla Godwi, one of the more experienced young riders. “You had to think really quickly and be extremely accurate in your riding. It was so nice to try something different, and I hope it is offered again at the next show.”

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