The Dart group has submitted a new application to extend the length of the tunnel it is building on West Bay Road.

The Central Planning Authority has already rejected one bid by the developer to add another 195 feet to the 406-foot underpass, saying Dart had failed to demonstrate sufficient reasons for the project.

Dart chose not to appeal that decision but has filed a new application which will come before the board in the new year.

This time the developer has shaved 24 feet from its planned extension and requested a 171-foot increase to the underpass along land fronting the Royal Palms site.

In a brief statement to the Compass, Dart, hinted that the new plans would include more information about its long-term development goals for the site, reviving a previous proposal for a hotel on Seven Mile Beach.

“The proposed extension will include the newly acquired Royal Palms site, which provides adequate beach frontage to connect the future five-star hotel to the rest of Camana Bay while providing meaningful beach access to the Camana Bay community and the general public,” according to the statement.

No further information about the hotel plan was revealed.

The developer has already built one overpass, bridging the Esterley Tibbetts Highway and is midway through construction on the West Bay Road tunnel. The two projects will essentially extend Camana Bay over both roads, connecting the town center to Seven Mile Beach.

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  1. I wonder if the BIG QUESTION IS answered yet . What is he going to build on top of that tunnel . How can the people and the Politicians sit down and completely let CPA run and develop the Islands how they want to .

  2. The Dart Corporation also owns the Ritz Carlton and the old Hyatt site. Will they next want to construct tunnels along the length of those properties?

    Will West Bay Road become a series of ugly tunnels?

    There was a good reason to provide safe pedestrian passage from Camana Bay to the Seven Mile Beach.
    10 foot wide would have been plenty.

    We already have allowed one ugly 400 foot tunnel to blight our beach road.

    Not one inch more please!

  3. Norman I completely agree with your comment , but I think that it’s going take everyone to go to CPA and tell them on the record . Because I believe that CPA and NRA don’t read comments because they living in a big dollars bubble .

  4. Why was Dart ever allowed to construct this so called “underpass’ in the first place? It underpasses nothing and is just an unnecessary tunnel on a road used by thousands who come here for the sun and not to drive or walk in the dark . A simple footbridge would have been adequate if it had been decided that an existing pedestrian crossing would not be enough.

  5. Well, he could connect his properties with a monorail system or other type of transport across to Royal palm from Camana Bay. Maybe a larger hotel between the two ( Royal Palms and Camana Bay)? But obviously never a pedestrian crossing. Can’t wait to hear it been approved. How about a toll booth between West Bay and George Town? Maybe a gated community? Could we bypass this in the future by building an elevated road from West Bay to George Town? We could get the Chinese to build it like in Jamaica. Happy New Year.