Police: Watch for bogus workmen

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has received a handful of reports within the past few days of criminal suspects posing as workmen trying to gain entry to local homes.

These bogus workers have attempted, in some cases, to pass themselves off as Caribbean Utilities Company crews or employees of other locally operated businesses.

“They may potentially be connected to suspected burglary activity,” an RCIPS statement read.

CUC’s general policy is for their workers not to enter a home unless there is some unusual circumstance. All CUC staff members have official identification with them at all times, the company said.

“If you are approached by someone in a similar situation whom you suspect is attempting to enter your residence under false pretenses, the police are requesting that you call 911 and make a report as soon as possible,” the police statement read. “Additionally, if you are able to note any identifying information, such as descriptions of the persons involved, descriptions of any vehicle they have driven, or the registration numbers of any such vehicle, please do so.”

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