Brianna Michelle Watler, 25, appeared in Grand Court on Friday, when she was asked to plead to the charge of murdering Azzan Sherieff on Sept. 17, 2017, in North Side.

She replied, “Not guilty to murder, guilty to manslaughter.”

Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards said there was a basis of plea that the defendant had signed and which was acceptable to the Crown. She handed a copy to Justice Charles Quin.

Ms. Richards explained that there were clear signs a fight had taken place when first responders went to a premises along Frank Sound Road on that Sunday, having received a call around 5:20 p.m. The officers who saw Ms. Watler immediately on their arrival observed that she had fresh injuries to her arms, hand, neck and mid-back, among others.

Ms. Richards said the Crown also had evidence from a blood-spatter expert, which indicated where the stabbing of Mr. Sherieff and his first blood loss occurred. This evidence did accord with the version of events the defendant gave to police, the prosecutor noted. There were no eyewitnesses.

Reports after the incident said that Mr. Sherieff, 23, died at the Cayman Islands Hospital after he was stabbed in the neck. The stabbing occurred at a home Ms. Watler had rented. People who knew them described their relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend. The couple apparently went to the residence after a trip to Rum Point earlier in the day.

The court was asked to order a social inquiry report and a victim impact report before sentencing takes place.

Justice Quin agreed and set April 19 for the potential sentencing date.

Senior counsel Ben Tonner, instructed by attorney Jonathon Hughes, told the court he had nothing to add.

Ms. Watler, who has been in custody since the incident, was further remanded until her next court date.