Governor visits Sister Islands

New Cayman Islands Governor Anwar Choudhury spent Wednesday getting an introduction to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

During the morning, he toured the Brac, visiting the District Administration building, the island’s Heritage House, the lighthouse on the Bluff, and the new Sports Complex with its sports field, nearly completed swimming pool and still-under-construction multi-use facility.

He mentioned the complex in his remarks to a small crowd at the Aston Rutty Centre on the Bluff.

“I want to see that open,” he said. “I want to see people enjoying that international facility.”

The governor said it was important to him to visit the Sister Islands soon after his arrival in the Cayman Islands. When officials suggested that he travel to the Brac and Little Cayman next week, “I said, ‘What about tomorrow?’” he told the gathering.

“I wanted to come and say hello straight away,” he said, “but I will be back very shortly.”

Echoing comments he has made on Grand Cayman following his arrival on Monday, Mr. Choudhury said he planned to focus on security and infrastructure issues.

He also said he has been pleased by his experiences so far in Cayman.

“I get a feeling I am going to love it,” he said of his stay in the Cayman Islands. “I have been here 72 hours and, so far, I have loved every minute of it.”

Following his lunchtime visit to the Aston Rutty Centre, he was scheduled to spend the rest of the afternoon on Little Cayman.

Meetings, parties

On Tuesday, his first official day at work, Governor Choudhury met with Cabinet members, senior civil servants and opposition political members.

The hour-long meeting Tuesday was the opposition group’s first chance to speak at any length with the new governor. Deputy Governor Franz Manderson also attended the private session.

“The discussion was engaging, open and honest,” said Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller. “We welcome opportunities for further dialogue.”

About 150 representatives of Cayman’s business community and political leadership attended a reception Tuesday night at the governor’s Seven Mile Beach residence.

They were welcomed by Mr. Choudhury, his wife and two elder daughters upon arrival.

Both Mr. Choudhury and Premier Alden McLaughlin gave remarks at the event, with Mr. Choudhury reiterating his desire to boost security and enhance Cayman’s cultural links with the U.K.

Compass journalist Brent Fuller contributed reporting for this story.

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