Final week of play to decide volleyball playoffs

The competition was heating up in Week six of the Camana Bay Indoor Co-Ed Corporate League.

First up were Silver Wheaton and Dart-A. In the first set, Dart-A struggled to find their rhythm as Silver Wheaton took an early lead and won the set 25-10. Luke LaPoint of Silver Wheaton registered the most kills on court, with great offense from teammate Lisa Strachan. Dart-A came back strong in the second set with Nicole Makin registering the most digs and Moses Ebanks registering the most kills for his team, but it was not enough to force a third set. Silver Wheaton won the second set 25-23 and took 3 points for the win.

Meanwhile, on court two, CITCO took on defending champions MaplesFS. CITCO looked incredibly strong in the first set, with offense led by Greg Ebanks, who registered the most kills for his team, helping them win 25-17. The tables turned in set two as MaplesFS appeared to be back on top form and  took an early lead. With multiple kills from David Bakker and Kevin Solomon, the set ended 25-11 in MaplesFS favor, leaving the score tied heading into the deciding set. Strategy seemed to turn defensive for both teams with Flip Du Plessis of CITCO registering the most blocks for his team, closely followed by Phillip Hinds of MaplesFS. In the end, it was MaplesFS who took an easy 15-6 win, giving them 2 points for the win and CITCO 1 point.

Next up was a close match between Maples and Calder and KPMG. Both teams were neck and neck in set one, despite the fact KPMG started with only five players. Help soon arrived, which gave KPMG the edge they had been looking for and they settled into a strong formation led by Adam McSharry-Downie, who registered the most kills of the game. Heading into the second set, Maples and Calder looked strong with excellent defensive play from Sogol Lohi and it was Sam Agyemang who registered the most kills for the team. It was not enough to beat their opponents though, and the final score showed KPMG over Maples and Calder 25-21 and 25-20, giving them 3 points.

Meanwhile, on the other court, Dart-B took 3 points for the win as Deloitte had to forfeit their game. Not wanting to waste valuable court time, Dart-B and their many substitute players opted for a friendly match which seemed to keep everyone happy.

To end the night, Cayman National Bank took on PwC in two quick sets. The first set saw great teamwork from PwC, especially between the ladies on court, Katerina Livaniou and Cristin Alexander, who earned a series of points for their team. Defensively, Dana Rankine of Cayman National registered the most digs of the game and Cayman National won the first set with a strong lead, 25-10.

In the second set, Cayman National showed no mercy, with Justin Ebanks registering the most kills of the game. Even the strong defensive play from Amos Benji of PwC left them unable to close the gap and the set ended 25-12 giving Cayman National 3 points for the win.

Woodley Scott of Cayman National attempts to block the attack of Maples and Calder’s David Taylor.

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