Financial, human resources and other administrative “irregularities” have been identified at the Cayman Islands Port Authority in a special audit completed earlier this year, the Cayman Compass has learned.

Port Authority Board of Directors Chairman Errol Bush informed staff members about the report, which he called “concerning,” in an email sent earlier this year.

“The Office of the Auditor General submitted a special report to the board that identified a number of concerning irregularities relating to human resources, finance and other administrative decisions at the port authority,” Mr. Bush wrote in the staff email, dated Feb. 22.

Port board members have held a number of private meetings with the auditor general and Port Authority Director Clement Reid since receiving the audit, which has not been made public.

“The board takes these matters very seriously and spent many hours considering the [auditor general’s] report and contemplating what action was necessary to properly address the irregularities,” Mr. Bush said.

Contacted Wednesday for comment, Mr. Bush said he wrote the email to address rumors that had been swirling among the staff since the report was completed. He said it did not appear the auditor general’s findings pointed to any potential criminal activity. He declined to release the report.

Mr. Bush said he expected corrective measures to be taken within the next 12 months.

Auditor General Sue Winspear said her office had received open records requests for the report, but that she had not authorized its release.


Other audits are under way internally within the Cayman Islands government where concerns were raised about financial problems at the Health Services Authority and the Department of Environmental Health. Both matters remain unresolved.

The Cayman Islands Anti-Corruption Commission has been notified of an ongoing internal audit at the Health Services Authority regarding “irregularities” in overtime payments to security officers.

The audit review came amid the suspension of a number of the Health Services Authority’s security officers.

A statement released by the public hospital’s board of managers read: “In discussion with the board and in accordance with the organization’s fraud and corruption prevention policy, [senior staff] requested an audit of the security department from the HSA’s Internal Auditor who is currently on secondment to the government Internal Audit unit. This review is currently under way and we await a formal report.”

Meanwhile, Department of Environmental Health Director Roydell Carter remains “out of office” as an internal government inquiry over the management of overtime in his department continues.

Mr. Carter has not been at work since December. Government denied reports in early January that Mr. Carter had been suspended from his job, saying he was simply on leave.

An inquiry into the management of overtime at the department has been going on since December.


  1. I would have to believe that if these heads of the departments of Government would be more proactive and transparent, we would have less of these kind of things to hide and cover up.
    Mr Bush said that he expect corrective measures to be taken in the next 12 months . Which Boss makes that kind of statement / decision about a problem in his/her department ? In 12 months the problem could be bigger than the department .
    I have to think that is why we have these kind of problems, no accountability in the departments .

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