Witnesses to fatal crash sought

Debris from a Sunday evening crash on North Side Road lies at the base of a concrete power pole which was struck by a Honda, killing a man and injuring two others. – Photo: Mark Muckenfuss

Police are seeking help from witnesses to a fatal car crash on North Side Road at Ronald Forbes Play Field on April 29. John Miller III, 27, was killed when the Honda he was in hit a utility pole.

Investigators are looking for information on a red vehicle, make and model unknown, that may have been overtaken by the Honda shortly before the crash. Police would not say whether they thought the two cars might be racing, or if the Honda, which was traveling at high speed, was simply trying to pass it.

Anyone with information should contact the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit at 649-6254 or traffic investigator PC Devon O’Connor at Devon.O’[email protected]


  1. Speed kills. That is usually the reason for these types of deadly accidents here, and very often with the popular Honda. We need more of a police presents on Cayman, tackling this issue.

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