CIIPA launches Accountants in Business Committee

Several members of the CIIPA Accountants in Business Committee. From left, James Rawcliffe, Matthew Walker, Tim Rossiter, Steve McIntosh, Melanie McTaggart and Michael Oldfield.

The Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants hosted an official launch event for its Accountants in Business committee.

Aimed at engaging and supporting CIIPA members working outside of audit, the committee was formed late last year and is chaired by Steve McIntosh. Mr. McIntosh, himself a CA and former audit professional, is founder and CEO of recruitment agency, CML. He said, “Accountants play a vital role in all organizations from governance and business reporting to risk management and sustainability.”

In the Cayman Islands more than half of CIIPA’s membership is working in various industries ranging from fund management to tourism.

CIIPA CEO Sheree Ebanks said, “It’s important for CIIPA to bring these professionals together as a collective where they can participate in consultations and have a voice on issues that impact the work they are doing and the sustainability of the country as a whole.”

In addition to increasing awareness of the value of professional accountants, the committee is looking at ways to support professional development and ensure a high level of competence across industries. The committee is made up of several professionals representing small business, banking, fund management, real estate and reinsurance.

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