West Bay man pleads guilty on third animal charge

A West Bay resident who had previously pleaded guilty Monday to two cases of animal cruelty pleaded guilty to failing to keep his dog under control.

Desland St. Aubyn Bailey will next appear in Summary Court on July 23 for sentencing on all three matters.

Mr. Bailey pleaded guilty Monday for an incident in July 2017 in which his dog bit a female passerby who was visiting the home of his neighbor. The defendant has agreed to pay medical bills for the victim.

Both sides agreed that Mr. Bailey’s dog was leashed but was still able to burrow under a fence to bite the victim.

The defendant had previously pleaded guilty for putting Pine-Sol on his dog’s back while trying to rid it of external parasites. That dog, named Rufus, suffered second-degree burns on his head and his back after the Pine-Sol was applied, on or before Aug. 8, 2017. Mr. Bailey also pleaded guilty to failing to seek medical attention for the dog in a timely manner. He surrendered the dog to the Humane Society.

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It was unclear from Monday’s court hearing if the dog that bit the woman was Rufus, as Mr. Bailey had two dogs leashed on his property at the time.

Mr. Bailey represented himself on Monday in the courtroom of Magistrate Adam Roberts. The crown counsel will consult with Mr. Bailey and the victim to make sure the appropriate medical bills are paid.

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