Cayman’s pirate-themed ship, the Jolly Roger, broke free from its mooring during heavy rains and rough seas on Monday. It ran aground on a sandbank near shore.

The ship had been moored off North Church Street at the George Town waterfront.

No pilot, crew or passengers were on board at the time and no injuries were reported.

Roylee Moore, acting security manager at the George Town port, confirmed the Jolly Roger had run aground on a hard sand area near Burger King around noon.

“When that big rain squall came through on Monday, the ship’s mooring line broke and the wind blew the ship inshore,” Mr. Moore said.

Two mini tug boats from West Indian Marine were working to pull the ship off the sandy hard bottom before the low tide came in Monday, according to Mr. Moore.

He said 911 and the Department of Environment had both been notified.

No other boats were reportedly affected.

“If we are expecting bad weather, the port will send out notification to vessels in the harbor that are on a mooring, [but] in a case like this, it only lasted about 20 minutes and that was it,” Mr. Moore said.

The Jolly Roger is a two-thirds size replica of Christopher Columbus’ 17th century galleon Nina. The ship typically plays a role in the annual Pirates Week festival’s Pirates Landing every November.

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