More rain in store for Cayman

A broad area of low pressure continues to linger south of the Cayman Islands near the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The U.S.-based National Hurricane Center advised Wednesday that the system had a 30 percent chance of tropical formation by Monday.

“Showers and thunderstorms remain disorganized, however, some slow development within this broad circulation is possible this weekend and early next week as it drifts northwestward,” the NHC said in Wednesday’s afternoon forecast.

The NHC’s forecast mapping showed the system drifting in coming days toward the Yucatan Peninsula and potentially affecting the Cayman Islands. Forecasting of the system remains early, however, and it is still unclear if the area will develop into an organized, tropical system.

Meanwhile, the Cayman Islands National Weather Service anticipated more isolated showers in coming days.

“Isolated showers along with moderate winds and slight to moderate seas are expected over the Cayman area for the next 24 hours in association with a broad surface trough over the Northwest Caribbean, which is associated with a broad area of low pressure over the southwest Caribbean,” the NWS said Wednesday afternoon.

“Radar images show isolated showers across the Cayman area moving towards the west southwest.”

Hurricane Leslie in the north-central Atlantic posed no threat to the Caribbean and no immediate threat to land.

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