Cayman Airways released a statement Friday regarding the new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft it will receive later this year and the investigation relating to a plane of the same model that crashed in the Java Sea.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 was used by Lion Air flight JT610, which had a fatal accident on Oct. 29. The plane crashed shortly after take-off and an investigation has been raised into how well it functioned, the maintenance work performed on the aircraft and the actions taken in the flight deck during flight.

Fabian Whorms, the president and chief executive officer of Cayman Airways, issued a statement regarding the company’s newest plane and its service record around the world.

“The recent accident in Indonesia should not be considered as a reference for comparison with present and future operations at Cayman Airways,” Mr. Whorms said. “Outside of the Lion Air incident, the Boeing 737 Max aircraft model has accumulated hundreds of thousands of hours of safe operations with multiple operators. Today, there are well over 200 Boeing 737 Max aircraft in operation around the world with a large percentage being operated by major North American airlines that operate to and from Grand Cayman. Cayman Airways has had decades of safe operations with Boeing aircraft and we will always have safety as our absolute highest priority.”

The first Cayman Airways model of the 737 Max 8 is in production and is expected to be delivered in December. It completed its first major flight tests on Nov. 7 and is waiting to have the company’s livery applied. Upon arrival, it will be the first Boeing 737 Max operated by any Caribbean-based airline.

“I can give a full assurance that our new aircraft will not be delivered or accepted unless it has thoroughly passed all required post production flight and ground tests successfully,” Mr. Whorms said. “Cayman Airways operates within the strict parameters of a comprehensive and robust Safety Management System and our new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft will enter passenger service only after both the aircraft and the Airline are in full compliance with all safety-related requirements.

“Once the new aircraft enters service, it will be operated and maintained to the highest standards, with our usual and unwavering commitment to safety.”

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