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CAL’s 737-8 planes set to return to service

Cayman Airways announced the first commercial passenger flight using its 737 MAX8 planes since the aircraft was reinstated following a nearly two-year grounding will be to Miami, Florida, on Friday, 19 Feb.

Pilots’ association: MAX 8 planes among the ‘safest to fly’

Members of the Cayman Airline Pilots' Association have endorsed the return of Boeing's 737 MAX 8 aircraft to Cayman's skies.

Cayman Airways’ MAX 8s cleared to fly

Cayman Airways has been given the green light to return its MAX 8 planes to the skies.

Max 8 planes return to the skies

Commercial flights using Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft resumed last week, nearly two years after the global grounding of the planes following two deadly crashes which killed 346 people.

CAL in holding pattern as MAX 8s cleared to fly

Cayman Airways’ 737 MAX 8 aircraft are unlikely to take to the skies anytime soon, even though the US Federal Aviation Administration this week cleared the Boeing 737-8s and 737-9s to return to commercial service, pending design changes.

Max-8 pilot training report open for public consultation

A draft pilot training report has been released by the Federal Aviation Administration for public consultation.

CAL completes another MAX 8 maintenance flight

Cayman Airways said it successfully completed a second MAX 8 maintenance flight on Tuesday.

FAA lays out action plan to unground Max 8 planes

Cayman Airways has three Max 8 planes and a fourth one on order.

Max 8 to make first flight in nearly a year

After sitting inactive in a Cayman Airways hanger for nearly a year, one of the airline’s Boeing 737-Max 8 aircraft will take to the skies this weekend. A statement issued on behalf of Cayman Airways said the trip is a necessary maintenance flight for the plane, which was delivered to the airline 30 Nov. 2018. “For almost a year, the grounded Max aircraft have been maintained under an active storage maintenance program as specified by the manufacturer,” the airline’s president and CEO, Fabian Whorms, said in a statement. “Routine maintenance flights become necessary over time as part of this maintenance program and are being conducted in coordination with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands and Boeing.”

Max-8 planes to remain grounded for foreseeable future

Cayman Airways Limited has no immediate plans for its Boeing 737 Max-8 aircrafts, which have remained out of service at a hanger in the Owen Roberts International Airport for more than 10 months.

Cayman Airways believes grounded planes now safe

Capt. Dave Scott, vice president of flight operations for Cayman Airways, said he believes its 737 Max 8 planes, that have been grounded since March, will be ready to fly soon.

Grounded Max 8 jets hit Cayman Airways in the pocket

Cayman Airways is feeling the financial impact of grounding its Boeing 737 Max 8 jets amid growing uncertainty over if and when the planes will be back in service.

Cayman Airways mulls options to address grounded 737 Max 8s

With there being no timeline for its grounded Boeing 737 Max 8 jets to return to the sky, Cayman Airways is looking at “all options” to make sure airlift here remains uninterrupted, according to Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell.

Cayman Airways adjusting to grounded planes

Cayman Airways officials say the grounding of the company’s two Boeing 737 Max 8s has so far caused mostly minor delays in its service, although one regular weekly flight has been cancelled.

Cayman Airways goes to plan B to cover Denver route

Cayman Airways will continue to operate its new Denver route despite taking the decision to ground its long-range Boeing 737 Max 8 jets in the aftermath of the crash that killed 157 people in Ethiopia on Sunday.

Cayman bans Max aircraft from the skies

The Cayman Islands Aviation Authority has banned the Boeing 737 Max aircraft from operating in Cayman airspace amid growing safety concerns around the model.

EDITORIAL – Grounding Max 8 jets was the right call

There is no cause to panic. Nor is there any lasting harm in grounding the planes until more is known.

Cayman Airways grounds its 2 new jets

Cayman Airways has canceled a planned “christening” event to celebrate the arrival of its second Boeing 737 Max 8 jet and temporarily grounded the aircraft amid safety fears following the second fatal crash of the model in less than six months.

New Cayman Airways jet arriving Friday

Cayman Airways’ new Boeing 737 Max 8 is scheduled to arrive in Grand Cayman Friday afternoon.

Cayman Airways confident about Boeing 737 Max 8

Cayman Airways released a statement Friday regarding the new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft it will receive later this year and the investigation relating to a plane of the same model that crashed in the Java Sea.

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