New Cayman Airways jet arriving Friday

The first of four Cayman Airways' Boeing 737 Max 8 planes will arrive on Friday afternoon.

Cayman Airways’ new Boeing 737 Max 8 is scheduled to arrive in Grand Cayman Friday afternoon.

The airline will hold a welcoming reception for officials attending the inaugural landing of the aircraft, which is due to touch down at 4:30 p.m. The plane will be greeted on the runway with water cannons from the Fire Services department. Cayman Airways is also inviting members of the public to attend a family friendly “welcome party” at the Airport Park, at 3-6 p.m.

This is the first time Cayman Airways will operate the 737 Max 8 model and is the first airline in the Caribbean to do so. The plane completed its first major flight tests on Nov. 7 and the CAL livery was painted on the plane earlier this month.

Three other Max 8 aircraft are also being leased by Cayman Airways and are scheduled to arrive in March and September next year and in September 2020.

The aircraft will facilitate long-haul flights, including the five-hour Denver-Grand Cayman route which launches in March.

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