Max-8 pilot training report open for public consultation

A Max-8 plane is parked at the Owen Roberts International Airport after completing scheduled maintenance. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay
A draft pilot training report has been released by the US Federal Aviation Administration for public consultation.
The draft report, which was created by the FAA’s Flight Standardization Board, was released this week. In it, the board outlined the additional pilot training requirements for the aircraft’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System.
Boeing’s MCAS is designed to prevent a plane from stalling when a takeoff angle is too steep. However, a malfunction with the system resulted in two fatal 737 Max-8 crashes in 2018, in which 346 people were killed.
The crashes led to the global grounding of all Max-8 planes.
Along with MCAS training, the draft report is also calling for pilot training for Max-8 Autopilot Flight Director System enhancements, and additional Special Emphasis Training.
The public consultation period on the report will end on 2 Nov., at which time the FAA is expected to publish a finalised Flight Standardization Board report which will incorporate the public feedback. Following the publication of the document, the FAA and its Technical Advisory Board will review Boeing’s final design documentation to ensure it meets all FAA regulations.
If Boeing’s designs meet the requirements, a final Airworthiness Directive will be issued by the FAA, which will advise Max-8 operators of any additional corrective actions that would be required before the planes would be allowed to re-enter commercial service.
Cayman Airways currently has three Max-8 planes in its fleet. Two of those Max-8s were flown to the US earlier this year for maintenance and have since returned to the Owen Roberts International Airport.

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