Weather radio back on air

Two years after a lightning strike took it off air, the Cayman Islands National Weather Service Weather Radio 107.9 FM is back in action.

The September 2016 lightning strike damaged the transmitter and antennae beyond repair, so the weather service had to purchase a new one. It now owns a new 2,000 Watt stereo FM transmitter, which it recently installed.

After three weeks of testing, the transmitter is now fully operational, the service announced on Sunday.

“The new 2,000 Watt Stereo FM Transmitter compared to the old 1,000 Watt Stereo FM Transmitter has allowed us [to] increase transmitting coverage, which means every square inch of Grand Cayman will now receive excellent inception, unlike before [when in] certain areas of Grand Cayman the signal was very poorly intercepted,” the weather service stated in a press release.

For now, Weather Radio 107.9 FM can only be heard in and around the Grand Cayman area, but there are talks under way to install another Weather Radio for the Sister Islands.