C3 launches Whole Home Adaptive WiFi

C3 Pure Fibre has launched Whole Home WiFi in partnership with Plume. The new offering includes Plume SuperPods, which fit into electrical wall outlets to spread the internet from a modem to all areas of the home. The service, available to all C3 customers, promises to make WiFi faster, safer and more reliable. Starting at just CI$8 a month, C3 customers will have access to Adaptive WiFi™, HomePass®, advanced parental controls, and the Plume app for managing home WiFi.

Randy Merren, Managing Director of C3, said, “Plume’s proven record of enhancing the home Wi-Fi experience was a major draw for us.”

“We’re delighted to partner with C3 Pure Fibre to launch Plume in the Cayman Islands,” said Fahri Diner, co-founder and CEO of Plume. “With the number of in-home smart devices growing exponentially, subscribers not only want to receive the best user experience on every device, they also want to benefit from personalized services including guest access, advanced parental controls and security.”

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