The Caribbean is experiencing a regional outbreak of dengue fever, but Cayman has no reported cases so far.

The Public Health Department said on Friday that there have been 19 investigations here for the mosquito-borne illness since Jan. 8, and that 13 results have been received. Of those, none were positive for dengue, chikungunya, or Zika, although the results of six are still outstanding, according to the department.

In light of the regional cases, local health officials say they are providing updates on a monthly basis until the outbreak is over, increasing the frequency as required by the situation.

Symptoms for these diseases include severe frontal headaches, joint pain, pain behind the eyes, muscle and bone pain, rashes, and nausea.

“Signs of bleeding (such as: pinpoint red or purple spots on the skin, nosebleed, bleeding gums, blood in urine or stool, or vaginal bleeding) are seen in a severe form of dengue fever, known as dengue haemorrhagic fever, severe dengue or dengue shock syndrome,” the Department of Health noted.

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