New roundabout on Crewe Road opens Monday

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The National Roads Authority will open a new roundabout and temporarily realign Crewe Road starting Monday, as part of the Elgin Avenue/Crewe Road extension project.

The NRA stated that northbound traffic on Crewe Road will use the temporary slip lane to enter the new roundabout. Traffic from Printer Way must use the new roundabout at the bend in Crewe Road at the end of the airport runway, and traffic exiting Dorcy Drive, heading to Crewe Road, will use one lane on a temporary surface.

According to the NRA, the project entails construction extending east of Elgin Avenue from the Cayman National Bank roundabout by Midtown Plaza, connecting to the new two-lane roundabout, with exits to Printer Way and Crewe Road.

Work on the project began in July last year. When construction is complete, motorists will not be able to access Printer Way via Thomas Russell Avenue, the roads authority advised.

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