A former boyfriend was sentenced last week to nine years imprisonment after pleading guilty to wounding a female with whom he had been in an “on/off” relationship for over two years.

Justice Michael Wood imposed the sentence on Thursday, saying he was giving Jaron Calvin Solomon full credit for his guilty pleas because they had been entered at the first realistic opportunity.

The defendant was 29 at the time of the incident. His victim was 18.

Solomon admitted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to her at her workplace on the evening of July 6, 2017. He also pleaded guilty to carrying an offensive weapon (a knife), damaging property, three charges of common assault against her co-workers when they went to her aid, and one count of using abusive words towards one of the co-workers.

The judge summed up the incident, saying Solomon had gone to Ocean Frontiers dive operators in East End, where the young woman worked. He was angry and upset, used threatening language towards her and swore he would kill her. He grabbed her by the hair and held the knife to her throat. He repeatedly punched and stabbed her.

When a fellow employee attempted to intervene, Solomon used abusive language and slapped him, cutting his lip. He then turned his attention back to his first victim, hitting her over the head and repeatedly stabbing her again.

Other employees attempted to restrain Solomon in order to allow her to escape.

They had acted bravely because Solomon still had the knife, the judge commented.

Employees attempted to restrain Solomon, but he broke a window and escaped before police arrived.

The victim was taken to hospital where the doctor and surgeon found more than eight stab wounds to her neck, left shoulder, back and under her left breast. One of the wounds punctured her left lung. The wounds were serious, requiring time in hospital, the court heard.

Solomon was arrested shortly after the incident. When interviewed, he admitted being jealous and insecure, but said he had no intention of killing her.

Justice Wood said the incident was “utterly disgraceful, frightening … and horrific … for all involved”.

The judge said he took into account submissions by defence attorney Amelia Fosuhene and a social inquiry report that spoke of Solomon as having a personality disorder. The defendant was remorseful and had cried during his interview.

He had a few minor previous convictions for damaging property and disorderly conduct.

If the case had been contested, the sentence would have been 14 years for the wounding, the judge said. Sentences ranging from six to 12 months were imposed for the other offences, but made to run concurrently.

A charge of attempted murder was not proceeded with.

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