Letter: Gratuity policies are disrespectful

I suspect I am not alone in being disgusted by the common restaurant practice of conning patrons to pay a tip, whether the food/service entitled it or not. The statement, “a 15% gratuity has been added for your convenience” is disrespectful, in my opinion.

Not only is this 15% charge a disgrace which should not be tolerated, but I happened to eat some decidedly average food at Rum Point the other day, only to see that the bill included a 16% gratuity “for my convenience!” I would like to state quite categorically that I would prefer to get back to the good old days when – depending upon the quality of food and service – I could leave a tip of my own choosing.

I suggest that anyone eating at Rum Point should deduct the 16% from their total bill, then give a personal tip if this is warranted.

But wait, there is still hope. I ate a delicious meal last night at Sunset House and the bill was clearly stamped, “Gratuity not included.” I was happy to leave the cheerful, efficient waitress a well-earned personal tip, which is the way it should be.

B. Wilson

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