Bus stop relocated for safety reasons

As roadwork along Crewe Road by the airport perimeter continues, the National Roads Authority is moving the bus stop opposite the Mango Tree restaurant to a safer location on Shedden Road.

Following the recent roadwork, the National Roads Authority believes there is no longer sufficient space for the bus stop at the Crewe Road location, “due to potential safety concerns for bus-users, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians”, so was recently granted approval by government to move it to Shedden Road, outside the NAPA Auto Parts Store.

Work to relocate the bus stop was undertaken on Sunday. The NRA stated that the relocated bus shelter/stop will minimise the need for pedestrians to cross the wider, multi-lane roads to access it.

“Primarily, this consideration has been taken for Foster’s customers, who will no longer need to cross three lanes of traffic on Dorcy Drive to reach the bus stop. The potential risk of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles will, therefore, be reduced, improving overall road safety and ease of usage for all,” the NRA stated.

It added that bus access and safety for bus-users will be improved by the fact that traffic speed at the new location is reduced, and that the new site will be even more effective, as it works alongside the established east-bound bus route.

“Lastly, there are no major works needed to prepare this location. Instead, some minor work will be undertaken to optimise the site, such as spreading some crusher run material to ensure the shelter is placed on a level surface. Two of the larger trees at the location may need to be trimmed and signage erected to promote the new location as an operational bus stop,” according to the NRA.

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