Man sentenced to prison in wrongful confinement case

Brandon Jamahl Beckett was sentenced to 42 months in prison Wednesday for the wrongful confinement of a woman and a series of offences that breached his probation from previous sentences.

Beckett pleaded guilty on 5 Dec. last year to wrongful confinement, assault causing actual bodily harm and causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress, relating to an incident that occurred in the late-evening hours of 31 Oct. and the early morning of 1 Nov. 2017.

The court heard Friday that Beckett met the complainant on a dating application on 18 Oct. and moved into her home shortly thereafter. Then, after attending a dinner with the complainant’s friends on 31 Oct., Beckett became enraged on the car ride home and insulted the woman.

When they reached her home, Beckett allegedly punched her in the face and pinned her to the floor to keep her from answering the door twice after she had phoned police. The police came back a third time and arrested Beckett, who has spent the last 20 months remanded into custody.

“In effect, Mr. Beckett has already served the custodial element of a 33-month sentence,” said defence counsel Jonathon Hughes.

Beckett’s trial began on 4 Dec. 2018, and the complainant testified as to her account of events. Beckett, who was originally charged with rape and threats to kill, pleaded guilty to wrongful confinement and two other offences. The Crown offered no evidence on the rape or threats to kill charge.

Justice Linda Dobbs read the results of a social impact report and psychological assessment conducted on the defendant. Justice Dobbs said that he had been abandoned by his mother and abused by his stepmother, and the death of his father in 2014 triggered a “downward spiral” in his behaviour.

Justice Dobbs said that Beckett has been arrested and convicted for multiple charges of domestic violence in the past and that his risk of re-offending is “very high”. Justice Dobbs also said the complainant and defendant were in a “one-sided relationship” that was clearly not reciprocated.

Beckett was afforded a 10% discount on his sentence due to his late guilty plea.

Justice Dobbs sentenced him to 32 months for wrongful confinement, and she said he would have been sentenced to 36 months if he had been convicted without pleading guilty.

Beckett was sentenced to no jail time for assault causing actual bodily harm because Justice Dobbs said that the violence factored into her sentence for wrongful confinement. He was sentenced to two months for causing intentional harassment, and those two months will run concurrently with the wrongful confinement sentence.

Justice Dobbs also sentenced Beckett to an additional 10 months in prison for a series of offences that occurred between 2014 and 2016. Those offences included multiple cases of assault causing actual bodily harm, insulting the modesty of a woman, criminal trespass and failure to surrender.

The 20 months that Beckett spent remanded into custody will count towards his sentence.

When they reached her home, Beckett allegedly punched the woman in the face and pinned her to the floor to keep her from answering the door twice after she had phoned police.

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