Code (Cayman) launches free summer computer programming course for students

Code (Cayman) is launching Youth Code (Cayman) 2019, its first computer programming course aimed at inspiring Cayman’s next generation to break into the technology sector by learning to code.

Code (Cayman) is a learning and support network dedicated to supporting the growth of the local technology industry, and ensuring the skills required to enter or grow in this sector are accessible to everyone through training, events and mentorship programmes.

Youth Code (Cayman) 2019 takes place on 12–16 Aug. 2019, from 9am–2pm at Cayman Enterprise City in Strathvale House. The programme is open to all students between the ages of 12–17 who are interested in coding and technology. Registration is free, but space is limited to 20 participants to ensure an individual approach and one-on-one tutoring.

The one-week course offers an intensive deep dive into computer programming, game development, website and application creation and more, plus ongoing mentor support for months after completion of the programme. A follow-up course is being planned so that participants can continue to advance their acquired skills.

Code (Cayman) was founded in 2019 by the Ministry of Community Affairs, Cayman Enterprise City, Walkers and Cartan Group as an initiative to introduce more people in the Cayman Islands to coding. Youth Code (Cayman) is sponsored by Harneys and Omise Holdings, whose support includes the donation of 20 laptops to the programme. Harneys and Omise Holdings are committed to helping develop Cayman into a technology centre in the long-term, which includes nurturing Cayman’s next generation of technology experts through training and education programmes.

Marco Martins, the managing partner of Harneys’ Cayman office, said, “We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative with Code (Cayman) and the opportunity to help the youth of the Cayman Islands.”

In the US, computing jobs are the primary source of new wages and are projected to grow at twice the rate of all other jobs, yet 65% of schools do not teach computer science, according to In Cayman, Code (Cayman) is committed to supporting local students interested in technology through extracurricular education; the founders of the organisation are committed to investing in the future of Cayman’s youth, from mentoring students through secondary and tertiary education to helping them to find employment in the industry.

“Every 21st century child should have a chance to learn about algorithms, how to make an application, or how the internet works,” said Brandon Caruana, Director of Code (Cayman) and Managing Member of Cartan Group. “As a group we are passionate about technology, software, security, cryptography, hardware and making technology accessible to everyone.”

Caruana will also lead the youth programme. “We are excited about taking some of the best and brightest students in our community and building a long-term support infrastructure and community for the next generation of Cayman-based technology companies,” he said.

Code (Cayman) recently completed its first training programme, Women Code (Cayman), a 12 week-long introductory computer programming course. The free programme was developed to help close the technology sector’s gender gap and offered more than 30 women a supportive network and platform to learn how to code. Following its success, the organisation is preparing a second series of the programme to take place in the third quarter of 2019.

To register for Youth Code (Cayman), contact [email protected] For more information on Code (Cayman) and its upcoming training programmes visit

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