Cayman’s youth receive gift of ‘mental wealth’

A 40th birthday wish to help young people in Cayman suffering from mental health issues has led to an ongoing series of donations to The Wellness Centre.

The ‘Gift of Mental Wealth’ fund was established at The Wellness Centre to cover the cost of therapy for adolescents between 12 to 18 years old who do not have adequate health insurance to meet their mental healthcare needs.

It was initially established in late 2017 by Marit Hudson who asked all of her friends and family to ‘pay forward’ her 40th birthday gifts by making a donation to the fund. Since then, donations have been made by others who have learned of the mental health needs of Cayman’s youth, according to a press release from the Wellness Centre.

Hudson said in the statement, “Despite the high number of youth experiencing mental health issues, health insurance coverage in the Cayman Islands often does not cover mental health issues and some adolescents do not have health insurance.

“We wanted to raise funds for ‘at risk’ teenagers to receive at a maximum 10 treatment sessions at The Wellness Centre, or another licensed mental health facility in the Cayman Islands depending on individual need.”

Shannon Seymour, director of The Wellness Centre, said, “We are delighted to receive this donation so we can continue to offer our services to adolescents who seek our help. People underestimate the mental health issues faced by our youth, and the challenges that arise when they seek out help. This donation will go a long way in reducing some of those challenges.”

The release quoted one parent, whose daughter has received treatment because of the fund, as saying that the Gift of Mental Wealth has provided the family with a greater insight into how to support her.

“Without the Gift of Mental Wealth, we would not have been able to provide her with the services she needed at the time, we are eternally grateful for the support which she has received, and excited about her progress,” the parent said.

Donations to the Gift of Mental Wealth Fund can be made in cash or through All funds go directly to cover client services. Adolescents interested in being a recipient of the ‘Gift of Mental Wealth’ or looking for further information on mental health services can contact The Wellness Centre directly on 949‑9355, email [email protected] or visit