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Students struggle with suicidal thoughts, self-harm

About one in six students in Year 9 to Year 12 have seriously considered killing themselves, data from the latest National Drug Council Student Drug Use survey has shown.

Health minister opens up about painful childhood

Health Minister Dwayne Seymour recently opened up about his childhood and the challenges he faced growing up with a father struggling with mental health issues.

Decriminalising suicide is just a first step

In December, the Cayman Islands government decriminalised suicide in the islands. The move has been hailed as a victory that helps remove the stigma often associated with mental illness. But campaigners say it is just the beginning of the legal and mindset changes required to ensure people with serious mental health conditions get the help they need.

COVID increases anxiety, holiday blues

Local psychologists have noted an increase in mental health challenges and expect it to continue over the holiday period as travel remains limited due to health protocols.

Protect the mental health of our children

I am writing this letter to raise my significant concerns on the impact of COVID-19 on the long-term mental health and overall well-being of children.
Listening to music can be very therapeutic.

Using music as a tool to cope with stress

Now, more than ever, the global population is looking for ways to remain calm in the face of a crisis. Music could make a difference.

Youth Ambassadors discuss mental health

Students from the Alex Panton Foundation Youth Ambassador Programme last week organised a series of workshops and a play that focussed on suicide, depression, anxiety and bullying.

Government inks deal to build mental-health facility

Government officials recently signed on the dotted line with multiple contractors to build a $15 million long-term residential mental-health facility in East End.

Recovery Month offers help, hope

A run/walk is being held on 29 Sept. as part of National Recovery Month, sponsored every September by the US-based Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration.

Contractors chosen for mental health facility

Ministry of Health officials say contractors have been picked for the delayed long-term mental health facility in East End, and construction is expected to begin in October.
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Cayman’s youth receive gift of ‘mental wealth’

A 40th birthday wish to help young people in Cayman suffering from mental health issues has led to an ongoing series of donations to The Wellness Centre.

EDITORIAL – Another delay on road to mental health facility

As all should well know after years of discussion, such a facility would fill a critical need for our population. So it is doubly frustrating to learn government has once again gone back to the drawing board in re-issuing a request for bids.

Mental health facility faces more delays

Plans for a $1-million mental health facility in East End face further delays with government re-opening the bidding process for construction of the new development.

Youth mental health takes center stage

The state of mental health in the Cayman Islands came under close scrutiny on Saturday, when concerned adults from all walks of life met at the Marriott for the second annual Mental Health Symposium.

Mental health facility remains in limbo

Delays in the construction of a new mental health facility for the Cayman Islands continue and Ministry of Health officials have declined to say when the project might actually get off the ground.
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Youth Mental Health Symposium returns for second year

Cayman’s mental health advocates will converge at the Grand Cayman Marriott Saturday to explore the path forward in promoting youth health and wellness.

Construction of mental health facility in East End delayed

Groundbreaking on a new residential health facility in East End has been delayed by at least several months, according to an official close to the project.

Cayman community opens up about youth mental health

In high school, Jada Ramoon considered herself a social, active person. She enjoyed interacting with friends, writing and running track.

Public meeting sheds light on mental health facility

The Ministry of Health held a public meeting at the East End Civic Centre on Wednesday night to discuss the district’s planned mental health facility.

Security concerns addressed at East End mental health facility

Doctors and community leaders are reassuring East End residents about security as Cayman’s first long-term mental health center moves toward an August groundbreaking.
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Mental health facility goes to Department of Planning

Architectural plans for Cayman’s first residential mental-health retreat, 54 beds in nine cottages on 15 acres in East End, are set to go to the Planning Department this month ahead of a scheduled summer 2018 groundbreaking.

Lack of mental health reports delays court

Jerome Cunningham’s attorney has been waiting three months for a psychiatric report to determine whether his client is fit to plead to charges that include attempted murder and attempted robbery.

Mental health facility details unveiled

Cayman’s first residential mental health facility will comprise nine cottages with six beds each and an administrative building on the former Northward prison farm site on 15 acres in East End, officials revealed Friday, adding that construction on the first seven cottages could start as early as the end of the year.

Teams must qualify to bid on new mental health facility

Consultants interested in designing the $16 million mental health facility will have to pre-qualify before bidding opens next month.

Mental Health Week events kick off

A week of activities to highlight mental health issues begins Saturday with a motorcade setting off from George Town. The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority and the Psychiatry and Behavioral Services Department are observing World Mental Health Week, which runs from Oct. 9 to 15.

Woman restrained by police at John Gray High School

A woman acting erratically and apparently suffering from mental health issues had to be restrained by police at the John Gray High School campus on Wednesday.

Rotary gives Mental Health Unit waiting room a makeover

Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Sunrise have transformed the waiting room at the Cayman Islands Hospital’s Mental Health Outpatient Unit into a more comfortable place for patients and visitors.

Report calls for 42-bed mental health facility

A new report recommends a 42-bed long-term residential mental health facility be built in the eastern districts to serve local and overseas patients with severe mental illnesses.

Judge to decide on sanity of woman who killed daughter

Attorneys made their closing arguments Monday in the case against Tamara Butler, accused of killing her 6-year-old daughter in October 2014. The question for the verdict in the judge-alone trial is not whether Butler killed her daughter, but if she knew what she was doing was wrong.

Program tackles child depression, anxiety

The Family Resource Centre is hosting a free family skills workshop Wednesday evening to address how to help children cope with anxiety and depression.

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