Richard Nelson Ebanks made his second court appearance Tuesday in relation to an incident involving a traffic stop at his home address. Ebanks, 42, who is charged with possession of ganja, consumption of ganja and possession of criminal property, among other charges, was granted bail with strict conditions.

Crown counsel Kenneth Ferguson told the court Tuesday that Ebanks has previous convictions for relevant offences and that his most recent conviction was in 2014. But Ferguson did not oppose bail if it included a residence requirement, a curfew and an electronic monitor to verify Ebanks’s whereabouts.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats granted Ebanks bail and ordered that he be fitted with an electronic monitor and remain at his residence from 7pm to 7am every day. Ebanks, who also had to provide a surety worth $950, will make his next appearance in court on 27 Aug.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service issued a statement about Ebanks’s arrest on Monday, saying that police attempted to stop his vehicle at his West Bay residence just after 8:40am on Friday, but he allegedly attempted to run from the officers and was apprehended. The police conducted a search of his vehicle and person and found a bottle containing several yellow paper wrappers.

One of those wrappers was checked and found to contain a quantity of cocaine.

The police then searched Ebanks’s home with the assistance of a RCIPS K‑9 unit and found more yellow wrappers, as well as a significant amount of ganja and a quantity of cash.

Ebanks is also charged with consumption of cocaine and possession of a utensil used in the preparation of a controlled drug.