A 25-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving after his car crashed into a wall in Bodden Town early Sunday morning. His passenger, a 27-year-old man, died Monday morning from injuries sustained in the collision, according to a statement from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

On Sunday, police had sent out a news release stating that two men, both of George Town, had been injured when the driver of the car lost control and collided with the wall of a residence in the vicinity of Doubloon Drive, just before 1am Sunday.

On Monday afternoon, police clarified that officers had given chase to the same car just after 12:20am on Sunday, and the car had collided with another vehicle in the vicinity of Belford Estates on Anton Bodden Drive. Following this initial collision, the driver regained control of the vehicle, ignored officers’ instructions to stop and sped away, eluding the police pursuit.

Later, the vehicle was involved in the second collision that resulted in the death of the passenger.

According to Monday’s police statement:

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“Just after 12:20 on Sunday morning, 1 Sept., police officers on Bodden Town Road east of the Bodden Town Police Station observed a dark-coloured vehicle pass them heading in the direction of George Town, travelling at a high rate of speed and driving in a reckless manner. The officers activated flashing lights and observed the vehicle turning onto Anton Bodden Drive, overtaking 3 other vehicles that were ahead of it. The driver then lost control of the vehicle and collided into the last of the 3 vehicles that it was overtaking in the vicinity of Belford Estates.

“Officers soon arrived at the location of the collision and came alongside the driver of the vehicle who had managed to regain control of the vehicle, instructing him to stop. The driver disregarded the officers’ instructions, and sped off along Anton Bodden Drive, heading towards Condor Road. The officers briefly followed the vehicle in an effort to ascertain its license plate number but soon lost sight of it while still on Anton Bodden Road. Upon reaching the junction of Shamrock Road and Condor Road, the officers were stopped and spoken to by a member of the public who informed them that they saw a vehicle speeding and heading in the direction of George Town.

“The officers travelled along Shamrock Road in an effort to locate the vehicle, checking side roads from the main road along the way. During their patrol, in the vicinity of Northward Road, another member of the public stopped the police vehicle and informed the officers that there had been a collision in the vicinity of Doubloon Drive. The officers arrived on the scene and observed that a vehicle had collided with a wall in the vicinity of Doubloon Drive. This was the same vehicle that had been involved in the earlier collision on Anton Bodden Drive.

“Two male occupants were inside the vehicle. One of the men appeared to have been severely injured and an ambulance was called immediately. First-aid was rendered to the occupants at the location until the arrival of EMS. Both occupants were transported to the hospital by ambulance, with the severely injured man being in critical condition.”

***Original story***

Two people were hospitalised Sunday as a result of a single-car collision in Bodden Town.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service responded to a report of a motor vehicle collision that occurred in the vicinity of Doubloon Drive in Bodden Town. The call came in just before 1am.

The driver of the car lost control and collided with the wall of a residence in the area. Both occupants of the vehicle were injured with serious injuries, and one of the occupants was in critical condition. A police spokesperson confirmed Sunday that both victims were still in hospital.

Both occupants of the vehicle were transported to the hospital by ambulance after being removed from the damaged car by officers from the Cayman Islands Fire Service.

The matter is being investigated by police. The roadway the accident occurred on was closed to facilitate the investigation and was not fully re-opened until 1pm on Sunday afternoon.

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