Warming seas a ‘stark reality’

As long as mankind (and Caymankind) ignore the truth of climate change and climate warming is as long as sargassum seaweed will invade all the seas in warming waters around the Caribbean and the world. No amount of hand-wringing about the stink of mounds of desiccating sea­weed will help change the sixth extinction of life on Earth. The seas around us are warming and rising, and that is the stark reality of our lives today.

We have just witnessed the almost complete oblit­eration of the Bahamas. The Cayman Islands, ex­cept for Cayman Brac, are as low-lying as the Bahamas. But the Brac’s glory from pre-Columbian times to now is the limestone Bluff ex­tending the length of the is­land from sea-level to 140 feet. The Brac survived Hurricanes of ‘32, Ivan and Paloma (‘04, ‘08), and may well be a refuge for Grand Cayman and Little Cayman during fierce hurricanes in the future.

Books on climate warming, not viral so­cial media, will help us learn what’s happening to our planet and to us. Ig­norance of changes in our countries brought by the heating up of Earth’s atmo­sphere is causing violent changes in nature.

A tragic new kind of hur­ricane, Hurricane Dorian, lay at Category 5 strength for 36 hours over the Ab­acos and other Bahama is­lands, skirted Florida’s east coast, before taking aim at Charleston, South Carolina, known as The Holy City, and may strike that low-lying state with the force of Hur­ricanes Andrew, Hugo and Katrina over Louisiana.

We expect, to our sorrow, more hurricanes of bib­lical magnitude and ferocity flooding Cayman and the United States coasts. May the Lord have mercy

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Nan Socolow

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