Canada and Cuba to square off in Cayman Tuesday night

Top-level international football comes to Truman Bodden Sports Complex on Tuesday night, when Canada and Cuba will square off in a CONCACAF Nations League game.

The two teams will line up and kick off at 6:15pm on Tuesday evening.

Cuba will be the nominal home team on Tuesday night in Cayman because its home stadium is still undergoing renovations.

The two teams met last week, and Canada earned a 6‑0 victory at BMO Field in Toronto. Three months ago, Canada took a 7‑0 win over Cuba in the group stage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Canada and Cuba are part of Group A in League A in the Nations League, and the third team in that group is the United States. The US and Cuba will play each other on Cayman soil on 19 Nov.

One of the three teams in Group A of League A will qualify for the final championship, and the second-place team will qualify for the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

The third team will move down to League B for the next edition of the Nations League. Cayman, which currently plays in League C of the Nations League, is atop its group following a Sunday night victory over Barbados. If Cayman ultimately wins its group, it will advance to League B for the next Nations League.