Andrew McLaughlin

1Andrew McLaughlin, Bodden Town

“It’s horrible. A ride from Lookout Gardens that only took 15 minutes is now 90 minutes to George Town.”


Shadden McLaughlin

2Shadden McLaughlin, who says she has to wake her children at 5am

“We get on the road between 6 and 6:15 and it’s a battle trying to get from Anton Bodden bypass onto the main road by the Bodden Town Primary School.”


Chris Onwubuya Galbraith

3Chris Onwubuya Galbraith, North Side

“Last year I could leave home around 5:30am and get into George Town in 30 minutes. This year leaving at 5:30am, it’s taking me now one hour to get into town. I think the roundabouts are the biggest problems.