Gaelic clubs looking for a fresh season

The Cayman Islands Gaelic Football season will kick off with its annual Mixed 9s competition on 17-18 January at the Camana Bay sports complex. The competition will feature 13 local companies battle for the honour to donate their winnings to a charity of their choosing.

Next up on the schedule is the Harneys Cayman Islands Gaelic Football League, which will start on 2 Feb. and end on 27 June. The format will remain the same to prior years with six men’s teams and six women’s teams playing every second Sunday.

The club is encouraging anyone interested, old or new, to join up. For those unfamiliar with the game, the club will be running training sessions over the next three weeks to teach the basics for beginners. The club will also be introducing several kids’ mornings where the youngest members will have the chance to showcase their skills on Sundays.