Weather system brings rough waves

Surfers take to the waters of the South Sound on Saturday as high seas impacted Grand Cayman. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay

A high-pressure system over the Cayman area will continue to fuel strong winds and rough seas throughout the next several days.

The National Weather Service’s five-day weather forecast on Sunday showed that 6-to-8-feet waves were expected until Thursday, and 15-20 knot winds would be in force between Sunday and Tuesday. Winds are expected to increase to 20-25 knots on Wednesday and Thursday.

Surfers, whether kite or board, welcomed the rough seas over the weekends. Some 20 adrenalin-seekers took to the Cayman’s southern coast on Saturday to shred the waves and ride the winds.

Although the high sea swells can provide fun for some, the National Weather Service is reminding seagoers to be cautious. It issued a small craft warning, which is expected to remain in effect until Thursday.