Collisions continue to be a source of concern for the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit.

With nearly 250 crashes already in the books for 2020, it should come as no surprise that Dwayne Jones, who heads the unit, will be cracking down on errant drivers.

“Certainly, from the Roads Policing Unit, it’s definitely a zero-tolerance approach [when] it comes to these violations on the street. We have to be responsible … We can’t go out just driving intoxicated at high speed, excessively in and out of lanes. It just cannot work,” Jones said.

He said officers will be out in their numbers and will be enforcing the law.

“We have had high volume recordings in terms of accidents, [almost 250] thus far, and over 15 individuals have been prosecuted for DUI. This is not a good sign and we haven’t even completed the month thus far,” Jones said, referring to January numbers in an interview last week.

Jones says his officers are out on the roads on a daily basis trying to do their part to keep road users safe, but it appeared to him that some motorists do not have that same mindset.

“This year I was hoping that we would start off on a more positive note as it relates to prosecution. People are still not adhering to the road regulations here as it is stipulated; we have prosecuted over 120 individuals for excessive speeding so far,” Jones said.

He said drunk driving continues to be an offence that his officers encounter on local roads, but what is more concerning, he said, is the level of intoxication recorded.

“Last year we prosecuted over 271 individuals for DUI. We have had recordings of as high as pointing to 1.8 and you know, here on island, the legal limit, as it relates to your blood alcohol content, is 0.10. So, it’s just too excessive. People need to be more responsible,” Jones said.

He added that when it comes to drinking and driving, some motorists are overconfident in their ability to control a vehicle, when they should not be getting behind the wheel.

“If you know you’re going to go out there and drink, do the prudent thing. Call a taxi, call a friend, call a family member. Do not just jump in the car and drive because you know at that stage you are very much impaired and you cannot manoeuvre the vehicle properly,” he said.

The head of the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit said it takes a conscious effort by road users to keep Cayman’s streets safe.

“I’m imploring you [motorists] to do the right thing, obey the road codes. Drive within the ambit of the law and protect each other on the road,” Jones said.

January traffic offences:
(up to 28 Jan.)

DUI = 16
Speeding = 194
Tint = 135
MVA = 244

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