The problem of too many cars and traffic-congested roads in Grand Cayman will not be solved by curtailing auto imports into the country. Appalling lack of road infrastructure initiated by CIG is the problem.

Government would do well to push new roads to alleviate the present 24/7 traffic situation instead of worsening gridlock on Cayman’s roads by pushing for mega cruise ship arrivals of many more thousands of tourists. If the¬† Gov’t-proposed huge berthing dock for mega cruise ships is built in downtown George Town, vehicular traffic will come to a standstill.

Too many cruise passengers off the ships in Hog Sty Bay will flood the narrow streets of the Capital.  Constructing  more new roads will provide more viable venues for workers commuting from East End and North Side and South Side into town for their jobs. Cat boats and sailing vessels used to ferry people all over the Cayman Islands before the people of all three islands built magical roads.

Nan Socolow

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