Travellers who have been to mainland China within the previous 14 days will be subject to mandatory quarantine upon arrival to the Cayman Islands, following measures implemented Monday by Cabinet.

Novel Coronavirus has been added to the Schedule of Notifiable Diseases of the Public Health Law, providing government additional powers to manage the disease. Individuals subject to quarantine would be legally required to adhere to the restrictions.

The notice does not include travellers who have visited Hong Kong or Macau.

Returning residents with a recent travel history to China would be subject to quarantine, most likely in their homes, according to a government press release. Non-residents would be taken to a designated quarantine facility. The release did not specify the location of the facility.

Individuals would be held for surveillance for up to 14 days after their departure from China.

Families who travel together would be quarantined together.

Cabinet has approved a budget of up to $100,000 for the quarantine measures.

While the Cayman Islands does not receive direct flights from China or Asia, a government release stated that many law firms and financial institutions in the jurisdiction have offices in the region. Many companies, however, have reduced or stopped travel to China in recent weeks.

“Since last week, cruise ships have been denying boarding to anyone with a travel history from mainland China; additionally, many of our neighbours (including the Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad and the USA) have instituted similar travel restrictions,” the release read.

No cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the Cayman Islands.

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