Cayman Spirits producing all-purpose sanitiser

Byproduct proves to be a winner

Cayman Spirits Company
The bottles are being given out for free to emergency services crew and police, as well as any others on the front line who need them. They are also available in limited supply for members of the public.

One glance at the shelves of any supermarket will make it clear that hand sanitiser is in short supply. Purell and its rivals are being grabbed by shoppers as quickly as market staff can display them, and there is nothing to indicate that their popularity will slow any time soon.

Stories of ‘entrepreneurs’ who have hoarded thousands of bottles in the US to try and sell them at black market prices have been reported on the internet, contributing to the shortages.

In Cayman, at least one local company is turning to a bit of chemistry, combined with some already-existing machinery, to create a ‘homemade’ version of hand sanitiser.

Last Friday, Cayman Spirits announced efforts to begin production of an all-purpose sanitiser to alleviate the current stress on supply. The makers of Seven Fathoms Rum have decided to offer the sanitiser free-of-charge to all frontline healthcare workers, emergency service personnel and police. As of last weekend, police officers, nurses at the Health Services Authority, and the Cayman Airways commissary have all been given supplies of the product and the company is in discussions with several more government and healthcare entities who are currently in need and unable to find supply.

In addition, the distillery has also made some bottles of sanitiser available to the public with a limit of two per customer. It will update its social media pages with information about availability of the bottles, which are distributed from the distillery tasting room on Bronze Road in Industrial Park.

The sanitiser is a 65% liquid alcohol product – it is not gel- or aloe-based. As such, it can be used on the hands and also on surfaces. If used frequently, it is recommended that users apply moisturiser to their hands from time to time to keep them from becoming dry.

The sanitiser is made as a by-product of the distillation process of Cayman Spirits’ locally produced spirits. As such, a small quantity will be able to be produced on a daily basis, as long as the employees can continue regular production of their local spirits.

Nelson Dilbert, co-founder of the company, said, “We are happy to be in a position that we can alleviate some stress [for] those that are in a position where they are exposed. For any emergency services workers or frontline healthcare staff, please get in touch as we are working hard to make sure we can supply any of those who are in need.”

Cayman Spirits
Cayman Spirits produces Seven Fathoms Rum, the official rum partner of Cayman Airways. The company also creates other products, including Governor’s Reserve Rum, HH Hutchings, Gun Bay Vodka and some seasonal spirits like gin and mango brandy. Currently, its locally-crafted spirits are distributed across the Cayman Islands, as well as in over six countries, including the US and in Europe.

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