Could government permit limited border opening?

I think most people in Cayman share my opinion that our government has been working very hard to steer a path through these difficult times. We have been blessed with limited COVID cases, but we will not be so fortunate with the financial virus to come. The hard border closure makes it difficult for many who are working hard to keep their businesses alive

I wonder if there is a way to allow for a soft border opening. I understand the reluctance to allow cruise ships back to the island or to allow tourists back for the foreseeable future. But maybe there is a way to ease the stress of a hard border closure for Caymanians and residents.

We might consider allowing Cayman Airways to operate a couple of flights each week to and from Miami for Caymanians or residents. This would allow anyone who wants or needs to leave the island to do so. With a limited number of flights, there might be enough demand to make it feasible.

Upon returning to Cayman, rather than requiring the hard quarantine in government-provided and paid-for accommodations, we might consider allowing passengers to self-quarantine in their own homes, using GPS tracking technology currently in use in other countries. These are difficult times but this virus (or the next one), like other diseases, is something we must learn to live with.

Regina Wager

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