Get rid of all COVID restrictions

We all have an interest in protecting the physically vulnerable; if we ourselves are not in that category, we have vulnerable loved ones who need our compassion and care. But we do not need a nanny police state telling us whether or not to get a haircut, build a sandcastle, or meet for worship. 

We are adults, willing and able to protect our families in the ways we deem appropriate, and capable of deciding for ourselves what is safe for our particular family situation.

In a recent BBC interview, Lord Jonathan Sumption stated, “This [the UK lockdown] is the worst interference with personal liberty in our history for what is by historical standards not a very serious pandemic except for particular categories of vulnerable people who can isolate themselves voluntarily.” 

Accordingly, let us restore Cayman’s civil rights by ditching the remainder of these absurd restrictions and replacing them with individual liberty, personal responsibility, and common sense.

Cherie R. Swaby

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